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The ADHD Love Movement – we are on a mission

The ADHD Love Movement started a few years back thinking about people with ADHD, their strengths and their struggles in their day to day lives. How important it is for them to know they are loved. Persons with the diagnosis, more than others, need to  know they are loved. If they don’t get to hear […]

The ADHD Love Movement  10-12-oktober

The ADHD Love Movement – Share the Love

The ADHD Love movement So many people love someone with ADHD! The ADHD Love movement  – share the love! 10-12 th of October we are sending out messages of ADHD Love to the world by in as many ways as we can think of.We pin,we post,we text,we send SMS,we send MMS,we tweet,we mail. Please go […]

ADHD Love Movement

October 11 -13 th the international on line event – the ADHD Love Movement . So many people in the world love someone with ADHD. Between october 11- 13 th we send out messages of ADHD Love to the world In every way we can. MMS,mail,pinning,posting etc.So join on facebook here and send out messages […]