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ADHD Awareness Sweden – getting our stuff done!

Oktober is ADHD Awareness Month . We are getting ready for it!  Just getting our stuff done first… Watch this excellent 1 minute video … familiar scenarious for a lot of people but foremost for people with ADHD ADHD Awareness Month – Getting our stuff Done     Dela med dig via Facebook!

ADHD Awareness Sweden - Film-Self education

ADHD Film – ADHD Awareness self education

This is still one of the best documentaries made on ADHD. British BBC television is usually warrant for quality.It is a good peace of information and the film  really shows how ADHD manifests in various ways in the individual. ADHD has to be met and treated in various ways too. like us on Facebook Dela […]

ADHD Film – ADHD Awareness Sweden, 2 min. selfeducation

This is 2 minutes  long animated film explaining ADHD and  Executive Funktions. All ages can watch it.”Let Me be Your Camera” “ADHD-Disneytime” not just for kids anymore! Dela med dig via Facebook!


ADHD Awareness Award 2013

Vem får utmärkelsen the ADHD Awareness Award 2013? Utmärkelsen ADHD Awareness Award delas ut en gång om året till personer som gjort något extra i att stödja människor med ADHD eller på annat sätt förmedlat ett viktigt budskap om ADHD till andra. Tidigare mottagare ADHD Awareness Award är: 2012 Riksförbundet Attention och Kollektivet Livet 2011 […]



Film om ADHD

Filmer om ADHD Let me be your camera- understanding ADHD En kort animerad film 2 min [] Living with ADHD En brittisk BBC dokumentär om familjer med ADHD. 49 min. [] Jag har ADHD en svensk dokumentär film 23 min. Filmerna är helt ADHD – OK Dela med dig via Facebook!